Can a Home Inspection Fail?

As a Nebraska-registered home inspector, offering services in Omaha, Elkhorn, Millard, and throughout Douglas and Sarpy Counties, my role involves educating homeowners, buyers, sellers, and other real estate stakeholders, about the home inspection process. Occasionally, this includes answering questions and clarifying misconceptions about home inspections, such as: can a home inspection fail?

Understanding the Home Inspection Process

Home inspections are comprehensive evaluations, based on industry standards of practice, aimed at uncovering the underlying condition of a home’s essential systems and structures. They’re instrumental in offering insights that aren’t just detailed, but pivotal in informed decision-making for homeowners, buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals.

The Myth of ‘Failing’

A prevailing myth is the notion that a home can ‘fail’ its inspection. In truth, an inspection is an assessment, not a pass-fail examination.

Objective Assessments

All homes, whether contemporary or historic, reflect a unique combination of structural and systemic factors that are evaluated and confirmed through the inspection process.  An inspection report, with its narratives and visual components, is an objective presentation, devoid of “pass” or “fail” tags.

Acuity’s Approach

At Acuity Home Inspections, we anchor our evaluations in objectivity and thoroughness. Each assessment is a 3-4 hour journey through your home’s structural and systemic landscape, unveiling insights that are detailed, actionable, and tailored to empower informed decision-making.

Our inspection reports reflect a comprehensive description and record of over 150 individual items inspected with hundreds of supporting images and videos. Observed “defects” are categorized to assist you in prioritizing them and deciding whether, how, and when they should be addressed, relative to a transaction, or as part of a preventative maintenance program. In reality, even the most “severe” issues are “fixable” if the cost is justified.

If you’re a homebuyer, once you’ve received and analyzed your home inspection report, you may decide that correcting the issues important to you “fails” to justify the cost and time required. However, you are the one that will make that decision, based on the information provided.

When you’re ready to learn more about the condition of the property you own, are buying, or are thinking of selling, Acuity Home Inspections is here to help!

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