Types of commercial inspections

No matter what type of commercial inspection you need, Acuity has you covered! Services include:

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Pre-listing sellers inspections

This inspection provides sellers with information about their property and gives them more control over negotiations and helps them avert potential conflict with buyers.

Pre-leasing inspections

This inspection protects both the landlord and the tenant(s) of a commercial property prior to leasing by providing a detailed property condition report.

Pre-purchase buyers’ inspection

This inspection gives buyers a detailed report about the commercial property they are purchasing, protecting them from future issues and giving them more negotiating power with the seller.

Post-lease condition inspection

This inspection helps to identify any issues that need to be repaired and helps expedite the re-leasing process for owners of commercial properties.

Insurance inspection

This inspection is required for buyers of commercial property. It ensures the lender is able to arrive at an accurate underwriting decision.

HOA reserve study

This inspection gives a Home Owners Association details about the multi-family property they own, including costs of repairing and replacing major common areas over the long term.

Accessibility inspection

This inspection gives commercial property owners details about what they need to do to their property to enable those with disabilities to provide goods and services on an equal basis to the general public.

Preventative and annual maintenance inspections

These inspections help keep property owners proactive so they can fix small problems before they become major issues.

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